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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A typical manipulation from Chinmoy's

When I joined the centre in 1994, the two persons who had been disciples for the longest time in France were H. and Patsy. They had been disciples for 18 years at this time. H. was the Paris centre leader. H. was a very charismatic and funny person.
He gave the first meditation class I went to and my whole "recruitment" process went through him. His lovely personality was very likely one of the main reasons I decided to join the centre. We developed a strong connection. H. was a born leader. He was my best friend and I felt like he was my older brother. Even though I got quite fast to have a direct relation to Chinmoy and a strong inner link with him, I was considering H. as someone who was a kind of spiritual guide too. He was a very devoted disciple but not a blind devotee. H. had a career and many friends outside the centre, which was not so common among disciples, and not something Chinmoy would generally encourage.
In 1998, Chinmoy disbanded the Paris Centre and after 2 to 3 months took less than half of the disciples back (Another abuse story I will post some day). H. and Patsy were out and never came back.
In 2000, H. passed away at the age of fifty.
In 2002, Patsy got involved in an ex-disciple forum on yahoo. The three first testimonies of Chinmoy's sexual abuse were published on the yahoo group, along with many stories about Chinmoy's abuses. Chinmoy was fighting against the yahoo group and the disciples were involved in it in many different ways. There are testimonies of physical threats, death threats and one ex-disciple lost his job because he was posting during his working hours and the Chinmoy centre contacted his employer.
Here is the story of how Chinmoy tried to dissuade Patsy from participating in this group.
One day in 2002, Patsy got a phone call from PY. PY used to be close to H. and Patsy when they were still in the centre. PY was still a disciple at this time. Through his main secretary, Chinmoy had asked PY to call Patsy and to tell her that H.'s soul was very sad that she was taking part in the ex-disciple forum. Patsy and PY talked for a while after he had delivered the message. Ten minutes after the end of the conversation, PY called Patsy again. This time, Chinmoy had asked PY through his main secretary to call Patsy again and to tell her that he, PY was convinced that H.'s soul was sad with her participating to the yahoo group. This did not work so well. At the second phone call from Chinmoy's secretary, PY realized how much he was manipulated and started to look for his own exit from the centre. And Patsy did not believe that story for one second. She was just shocked at this obvious manipulation on Chinmoy's part.
But can you imagine? Patsy had lost her best friend less than 2 years ago and Chinmoy was using an imaginary conversation with his soul to try to influence her not to participate in the yahoo group anymore.
This was just one of the many sick manipulation techniques Chinmoy was using, I believe on a daily basis.

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