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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Chinmoy style prayer, just for fun (well, maybe not just for fun)

My Supreme, My Supreme, My Supreme,
I cannot stop making fun of the way things were happening in the chinchin centre. I cannot stop. I am having so much fun doing it. And I cannot stop making fun of R., because everything around her was like the crystallization of this madness. She is such an amazing source of inspiration. I am having so much fun when I write about her. Is that bad My Supreme ?

My child, you can make fun of the CFG centre as much as you want. It was pure madness. To some extend, everyone including yourself is or was responsible for this madness. But Chinmoy Fucking Ghose (I love it when My Supreme says "fuck") and her main assistant have of course a little more of the responsibility. It is very good to help yourself and other people grounding and seeing the true face of what was happening there on an earthly level. Human being are responsible for their action. What you saw is what you reap. People who do things that hurt other people must know that they will get anger and mockery in return. You experienced that yourself many times, when you used to misbehave with your workers at your restaurant. And you ended up changing your attitude and accepting what you got in return of your actions, and not complaining about it. Fun is an ever transcending reality (no idea wht this means, but it sounds good). As long as you still can connect with the beautiful part of the people you mock and you still feel some love in your heart, it is ok.
My Supreme, My Supreme, My Supreme.

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