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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Today's feeling

Hey K,
Sometimes our mind is playing so many tricks on us.
I was quite down today. Not inspired. Still got some energy to go to walk on the beach :)
I was so stressed, feeling so much pressure to do more with my life.
And then I realized it's there. And just for some reason my mind is unhappy.
Of course, I've done very little yet and I am not in a very productive moment.
But this week was a big step.
I finally managed to do my banner and to change things for my food stall at the market.
The market was very bad for most of the shop owners, but not for me.
It was one of my best and I got really inspired now that I put up my banner and have new things on my menu.
For the first time, I am now excited and I am looking forward to the next market.
Other thing is thanks to our exchanges, I am now writing and I have a goal: to get into a real writing discipline and to do a blog.
So my life is perfect. I just have to relax until my next market and do some writing everyday.
If I can manage to be inspired, more will come.

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