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Friday, 6 February 2015

Something a bit lighter. A nicer memory with Chinmoy.

In 2006 I asked Chinmoy if I could move the restaurant to a better location and he agreed.
I decided to move it to the Marais, a very nice arty area in downtown Paris: a bit like Soho in NY or London.
This area happens to be the gay district too, but not only that: it's a very mixed area, with exactly the kind of people who would be interested in a veggie restaurant (not so common in France).
Disciples knew I was gay, and some got scared that I wanted to move the restaurant into a gay area and told me it was a bad idea.
As if a straight disciple should live or work in a gay neighbourhood to be more safe!
In 2007, Chinmoy was in Paris for 24 hours. I had made a file with photos of the location I was considering and after the concert he asked to be driven by it.
The location was at this time a gay bar. Chinmoy drove by around 11pm when it was packed.
The next day, a big shot of the French Centre, who was in the car, told me how she was horrified to see Chinmoy being driven past a gay bar. Interesting point of view once you know about Chinmoy's sex circle and considering that this person was very likely a member of this circle. But Chinmoy told me he liked it. K. and S. who were in the car then told me, "Go for it: it's a great location."
It did not happen with this place, but I got another one in the same area.
And I did not have any sexual or romantic experiences before I left the Centre, even running a restaurant with some quite cute gay customers. I was so stupid at this time: so many missed opportunities ; )

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