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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eight public testimonies of Sri Chinmoy's sexual abuse

If you still have any doubts about the reality of the sexual abuse these women endured, read the testimonies with an open heart and judge for yourself - it is really heartbreaking.

Four of those brave women who made testimonies are my friends. I am quite regularly in contact with them and we talked many times about the sexual abuses. I had a few chats with one of them and I was in the centre the same time as her. There are three of them that I am not in contact with but we were in the Centre at the same time and, even if "boys" and "girls" were much separated, I talked quite a few times with each of them. Only one I do not know personally.

The idea that they are all lying in order to destroy Chinmoy's image is absolutely ridiculous. Believe me, once you leave such an organisation, the only thing you want to do is to move on. But in order to really move on it is necessary to face the truth and talk about it.

If you are an ex or a current disciple and it is the first time you come across this, please take your time, it could be a very difficult moment. I know it is very hard, but no matter how hard it is, facing the truth is always a good thing. It is the real start of moving on with your life, instead of staying stuck in old beliefs. And if ever you need to talk about it, you can send me a message using the contact form at the end of the right column of the blog. We can have a chat or I can put you in contact with some very good people who moved on with their life.

This is the link to the testimonies page:

And here is a video interview of Anne Carlton (Phulela) with Gary Falk.


  1. YES thanks for sharing! Now looking back i see quite a few things differently! But i also gained from following this particular path as i went for it. And thank God stopped surrendering to Chinmoy... continuing really going my own way, becoming more mature!

  2. Thank you very much for publishing these testimonies here. I am an ex-disciple from Germany in Hannover/Berlin in years 1993-1995. I definitely believe in what has been written about Schinmoy, these testimonies about Schinmoy supports and confirm my suspicions I have had over the years in German centers. I am now sure that Schinmoy was not a real spiritual teacher and definitely not highly or fully self-realized guru. In addition he was a big liar from the beginning.
    There was not easy for my to recognize his false guru-identity twenty years ego as his disciple, because I think he had possessed a certain power over the people with his mystic-nirvana image. But now, if I watch some Schinmoy’s videos on youtube and know these true ex-disciple testimonies, I could tell for certain that he had been a weird figure from the beginning in his public appearances or in the NY center, with his ecstatic/sleepy look, rapid/incoherent speech, the tendency to auditory/visually hallucination, a could smile, furthermore he was a partial mad person with autistic feature, and finally his obsession of be a famous peace leader atc,. Thanks again all,

  3. Hello,
    thank you for your honesty. I am also a truth seeker and have experience with 2 other gurus and I learn a lot from you guys-also from your youtube videos.
    I made a list of videos to learn more about cults-mind-guru control if anybody wants to look at it. Here is the link below. Best regards, Maja


  4. I stayed 5 years in this group from 1972 to 1977.
    CKg was a great manipulator.
    He was a narcissistic pervert. It was always: me, me, me. No empathy towards the victims. No remorse. No shame.
    Promise of salvation or God realization is a manipulative tool used by cults and religions.
    Pretending to be an Avatar is also a great way to manipulate people.
    Chinmoy is not more an Avatar than Bill Cosby is an Avatar.
    I was not purged out because I had build a divine enterprise for the Guru.
    At that time in 1975, nobody was aware that CKG was giving special blessings to his female disciples.
    He was preaching all the time about chastity. How could that be?
    CKG was a big liar. He lied about Alo Devi, his own Divinity, Salvation, Purity, etc.
    It was: do what I say, don't do what I do.