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Friday, 6 February 2015

Obedience to the guru - A few writings from Sri Chinmoy

The first time I saw Sri Chinmoy physically was when I went to my first August Celebrations in New York in 1994. The celebrations were very tense. Sri Chinmoy was giving a lot of talks about disobedience, and published a book about it called "Disobedience, time is up." He was giving quite a lot of collective scolding at the functions. It was not affecting me much, as I was very new in the Centre and I was feeling I was doing okay.

But many disciples had a horrible time. Of course, we were all dealing with it with the strong belief in our mind that the guru is always right. Plus there was always this amazing energy around him that would feed our hearts, disconnecting us from reality and making us bearing the unbearable. This is what it was all about: a journey between horror and bliss, where the disciples had decided to focus on the bliss and to deny the horrible part in the earthly aspect. The belief in the guru and the belief in the need for a guru to make spiritual progress was almost always winning, until one of us would have too much and finally leave the path.

Sri Chinmoy expected total obedience from his disciples. Here are a few of his writings about obedience/disobedience. He is literally talking about obedience to the guru. You will find more on Google.

Disobedience and Penalty

Disobedience and penalty: are they inseparable friends? Yes, they are. Our mother Eve disobeyed, and our father Adam disobeyed. They disobeyed once, only once, but they were forced to pay a severe penalty, and they did pay the penalty. Alas, what is worse, we who are their descendants are still paying the penalty, paying for their disobedience. Is it fair? Perhaps it is; perhaps it is not. In humanity’s eye the penalty was, is and remains unbearable. In Divinity’s Eye this penalty is more than negligible in comparison to the fathomless Love, Joy, Concern and Blessings that our parents, Eve and Adam, received from God before they descended, nay, before they helplessly and hopelessly fell from the Garden of Eden.
Our old family’s old friend was sin; but at long last we have mustered courage, inner and outer, to have two new friends: a self-giving cry and a God-becoming smile.
(Everest-Aspiration by Sri Chinmoy)

Disobedience, time is up

Time is up!
Now, you shut up,
Pack up
And go away!

You have destroyed
My life's beauty
And my heart's fragrance.

More on this link : http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/disobedience-time-is-up

Sri Chinmoy asked us to learn the first 7 aphorisms of the book by heart, and if my memory is right had some disciples reciting it on stage. That was in August 1994. He composed 33 songs with the sentence "There is no such thing as negligible disobedience" and had many singing groups performing them on stage. (http://www.srichinmoysongs.com/book/view/my-god-obedience-my-god-disobedience/248/)

I have been looking for videos, but of course Sri Chinmoy and the people in charge of communication are very careful and do not publish videos of those "vertical" talks.

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  1. looks like he was tremendously obsessed with the obedience of his little boys and girls ...