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Friday, 6 February 2015

Obedience to the guru and sexual abuse

Everytime I wanna type "disobedience", I am typing "discobedience". Definitely more my thing nowadays ; )

Following the previous post about obedience to the guru, I think everyone can understand why sex with the guru is always abusive. The disciple is supposed to totally surrender their will to the guru. One does not say 'no' to the guru. There is no space for the issue of consent: the question does not exist.
Still, after the first shock, a few brave women refused to have sex again with Chinmoy, or to have sex in front of him. He was asking some girl disciples to have sex with each other in front of him and guiding them in their intercourse. He said this was "non lesbian sex". Lol.
Those brave women then had to deal with Chinmoy telling them things like, "Your soul is very disppointed with you." Manipulation.
I'll post some of the testimonies here once I get permission from the women involved.

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