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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Chinmoy's spiritual powers

K (commenting about the previous post) : 
I'm glad that you are very straightforward about what drew you to the path. Often people rewrite their history when they have had a big disappointment, but you are trying to see your past as it really was - that makes it so interesting to me !

Your conclusion to my first question brings me to a subject that I have been thinking about since I heard about the sex ring: in your opinion, what kind of powers did CKG have ? I've read lots of people on the forum saying that it was all our own power and nothing was his, but I don't subscribe to this point of view.
I think that he had a lot of power, but that we, and he himself, misunderstood the nature of those powers. We were taught by him that it was spiritual power, ie something given directly from God to be used for the good of humanity, based on the inherent saintliness of a person, rather than occult powers which were classified by him as something that anyone could pick up given the time and inclination. No, I am not pretending to understand the differentiation between the two in real terms, but that was what we were told, pretty much. I think that we sensed power, experienced his power, and because we were told it was spiritual power we concluded that it was a saintly power, something that was going to be used only for our benefit, and that definitely fed our idea that he could do no wrong. It didn't occur to us that occult power includes the ability to open other people's chakras, to grant visions and so on - many of the things that we were experiencing. So I feel that I don't really know now if 'spiritual power', as we thought we understood it, actually exists at all, or whether all power is occult power, that can be used at the wielder's will, and can be used to draw out experiences that are already latent within the other person.

Guillaume :
Well, people say that faith is moving mountains. So surely our faith in him was for the spiritual powers he was manifesting towards us.
I don't make this kind of difference between spiritual and occult power. To me it's an artificial, very dualistic division.
We all have powers. We just don't believe in it. For example, so many people have the capacity of healing with hands by touching directly the person or sending some energy from a few centimetres or metres away. One just has to believe in it and try it. Try yourself. Or anyway I'll show you when we meet.
Let's call it spiritual power. Everyone has some spiritual power. It is nothing extraordinary. Of course, people who have practised meditation for some time and who are centered have more power.
I have never tried, but I am sure that many people can give someone this look he was giving us and give to others the feeling of unconditional love. I am just not very interested by this kind of de-incarnated love. It's almost a disease to me. As I wrote on our forum the other day, people who are talking about unconditional divine love are usually those who have the most difficulties connecting with other people.
Having spiritual power is a normal thing for human beings. The issue is what does one do with it? Using it for connecting with others or using it to separate oneself and to stand above others is not the same.
So it seems that Chinmoy had very strong spiritual powers. Nothing astonishing, considering he spent more than 20 years of his life in an ashram practising spirituality.
But mostly, this was so much strenghtened by the guru/disciple effect and by our faith in him. I have been having this in my mind for a while now: if I had in myself 20% of the faith I was having in Chinmoy, my life would rock so much.

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