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Friday, 20 February 2015

Instant connection.

A few days ago I sent the link to my blog to J, a Russian friend who is a writer. I met him at the end of last October in Goa. I was driving my scooter in Siolim, a city of North Goa, looking for a house to rent. On a residential street, I drove past him. I stopped to ask him if he knew of houses to rent. The connection was immediate. We talked for a while in the street, then we went for lunch together. We ended up spending hours together looking for a house.

He was not looking for a house himself, but we enjoyed so much each other's company that he offered to help me in my house hunting. House hunting can be so boring, but doing it with someone I just met and I was connecting with so well was nice and fun. We became good friends and were seeing each other a lot the next two months, until he left Goa on January 1st. I mentioned to him that I used to have an Indian guru and that I was living a kind of monk life for fifteen years. But we did not talk much about it.

What a surprise when yesterday he sent me an email telling me Chinmoy was the first guru he came across when he was a teenager in Siberia! He did not become a disciple, but over the years he had been to a few exhibitions of Chinmoy's painting and concerts of his music. I love J. He is so sweet, light and fun. He definitely has this beautiful young disciple vibe so many of us had when we joined Chinmoy's path. Those young, enthusiastic, totally positive young people, there were so many of them when I joined. From every parts of the world, in my Paris and French centers, in my restaurant. It was very beautiful. It's a small world. His connection to Chinmoy may have had something to do with our instant connection.

I realize more and more this blog is for me starting from deep in the shit, in Chinmoy's horrible abuses, and from there going up, getting back the good memories and allowing me to feel again the beautiful moments I had there.

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