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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Discovering dancing again after years of interdiction

K :
In the centre, CKG was very against dancing, saying that it brought forward 'vital movements'. I suppressed my love of dancing and became unable to hold a rhythm because I wouldn't allow my body to respond to music. I think this caused a lot of other disfunction in me, blocking my creative process in some way. I am enjoying so much getting back into dancing again, and finding it a very healing sensation - there aren't any decent nightclubs here, so I am just dancing in my apartment : ) I came home from work one day recently and danced for 4 hours solidly, just on my own... It gives me so much happiness and I think it's also helping my mind to work things out  - don't know how, maybe because of the natural movements of the body. What are your experiences of dancing? Is it something that's important to you as a form of self expression or a spiritual experience or anything else ?

Guillaume :
Oh yes. Dancing is such a beautiful form of meditation. It's a meditation in the body and it helps the mind so much.
I dance in outside parties mostly.
All those ideas that there are divine and undivine places, divine and undivine people, divine and undivine activities is such bullshit to me now. It all depends on how you live it and where your consciousness goes at those moments. It's all about balance and how you can keep your joy, happiness and focus. No matter what the place. Of course, places have different vibrations and I choose carefully where I go to party and with what kind of people. I have been lucky to party a lot in places with nice people. When you are at the right party, the blast of joy people get there is such a nice experience if you can enter into it.

About the "bringing forward vital movements", how can the guy be even taken seriously about that now that we start having a picture of the extent of his sexual abuse? This is just a retarded way of thinking about women in such places as India. Women should be pure, not show their body, not arouse men. Women should not be women! All his talk about sexuality and chastity do not make any sense now that we know what kind of guy he was with women.

I always loved music, rhythm and dancing. But it was so challenging for me. Except in some moments of grace, I felt so awkward when I was dancing. Not connected to my body. Not expressing myself. I was feeling everyone was looking at me and I was ridiculous.
Dance came when I started living in Koh Phangan, in Thailand, two years ago. It's a party island. Lots of parties with very good electronic music, more deep house style, more melodic, slower rhythm.
Lots of people who have been practicing yoga and dance for years go to those parties and it creates a very special environment. I really started expressing myself when dancing and freeing my moves, following the natural movement of the body as you said in your question.
To me dance is a meditation and is healing. I connect with my body right away and the dance is taking away lots of tension. I smile, I dance and play with other people. Most of the time, my mind switches off right away and I become just pure joy and fun. I can sometimes feel so much energy and love in my heart when I arrive at a party, the same kind I used to feel in some of the meditations we had with Chinmoy. I like it better in parties because I can do all the crazy things I want and people hardly notice. I usually get in a kind of very free mood, allowing myself to play with and tease people in a very loving way and it makes people smile. Quite often, people are asking me what I am on (alcohol or drugs). Most of the time, I take nothing. I just get so much joy from being at a party.

K :
Totally great answer! Love it : ) Wish I was there in Goa to dance the night away...

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