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Friday, 6 February 2015

An obedience story by Chinmoy

One of the many obedience story Chinmoy wrote over the years
Original link : http://www.srichinmoy-reflections.com/enlightening
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Sri Chinmoy told the following story on 2 December 2005 at Pangkor Island Beach Resort in Malaysia. Later he said to his students, “This is a most significant story. I shall be grateful if you occasionally read this particular story. Then you will know the real meaning of obedience.”

9. The Obedient Student
A Teacher, or Guru, was teaching religious as well as regular studies. In India, even a schoolteacher is called a Guru. In the morning, about fifteen or twenty young boys used to go to their Teacher’s school to study and play, and in the late afternoon they used to come back home.
One day the Teacher (or Guru) asked a particular boy to do something. What was it? While the students were playing, the Teacher summoned the young boy and said to him, “Throw my child into the well.” The Teacher’s child was only five or six years old, but the student did not hesitate, even for a fleeting moment. He grabbed the child and threw him into a nearby well. The other students noticed it and came running. Two or three entered into the well and brought the child back out, and other students thrashed the particular student who had thrown the child into the well. The student did not say a word. Meanwhile, the Teacher was watching the whole situation. He also did not say anything.
A few months later, while the students were playing, the Teacher summoned the same boy and said to him, “Set fire to my house.” Again, the boy did not hesitate for a second. He immediately set fire to his Guru’s own house. The Guru’s wife was inside, and she was shouting and screaming. Then, as usual, the rest of the students struck him mercilessly, saying, “How did you dare to set fire to your Guru’s house?” Again, the boy did not say a word. He did not say that his Guru had asked him to do this, and the Teacher also was silent, not saying anything. The other students could not fathom it: how could the Teacher be so indifferent?
As the days ran into weeks, the weeks into months, and months into years, there came a time when the students grew up and entered into their own way of life. By this time, the Teacher had become very, very old, so he invited all his various students, past and present, to come and see him. They all came, and the Teacher started blessingfully giving them some material objects, such as plots of land and other things. Whatever he had, he wanted to give away to his students. They were all very happy. Then they noticed that for some reason, that particular student did not receive anything, perhaps because the Guru felt that he had not been a good student. The others were wondering why the Guru had not given him anything.
At long last, the Teacher said to the boy, “I have nothing to give you on the material plane that will equal your obedience. I have never seen, and I will never see, anybody who is so devoted to his Teacher. I have never seen anybody as obedient as you are, and whatever I give on the material plane will not be equal to your obedience.”
Then the Teacher said, “I am giving you a boon. The boon is this: in a few years, the Lord Himself will come to you as your student. Lord Krishna will come and be your student. This is the greatest gift that I can give you. I am the happiest person to tell you that the Lord Himself will come and study with you.”
The name of this particular student was Sandip Muni. He became the Guru of Sri Krishna. He had this kind of obedience to fulfil his Teacher’s requests.


  1. This story is really horrible and reminds me of the famous study: Milgram’s Experiment on Obedience to Authority. You can read about it here: http://nature.berkeley.edu/ucce50/ag-labor/7article/article35.htm. In this experiment, test subjects administered stronger and stronger electric shocks to a person on the other side of a wall when pressured by an authoritarian figure - right up to a lethal dose. I have always hoped that if I were in such an experiment or if I had been in Nazi Germany at the time of the holocaust, I would do what my heart told me was the right and compassionate thing. There is no way I can believe that it is right to throw an innocent 5-year-old into a well!!

    1. I know this experiment Sundari. I always found it very interesting.
      I think you are right in your comparison.
      It seems so strange to me now that we used to take those stories Chinmoy told us without reacting.
      I think that connecting to the soul's world the way Chinmoy taught us made us lose a big part of our humanity.
      I cannot believe that in any way this was making us more divine.
      We had lost our love for others, our compassion.
      It is today at the opposite of what I see as personnal development and spiritual growth.

  2. This is why Chinmoy pushed a religion...