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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Spiritual powers in general

K (commenting about the previous post) :
That's very interesting Guillaume. There are lots of different things you mention here that I would like to talk about.

First, that we all have spiritual power to a greater or lesser extent, which I believe is totally true. I used to be able to take away people's headaches and that kind of thing (my little, little spiritual powers!!) I wanted to be a healer before I came to the path and in some way I considered giving meditation classes to be an extension of that ambition, except trying to get them to do it themselves, to heal themselves.
I would like to see what techniques you use, definitely, when I see you. In some way I felt that it tied in with my name, Hita, which meant divine love. As you know, I am not using that name anymore, but I always related to the meaning of it. It could be that many people interpret those words, divine love, differently, and use them as an escape from human interaction - I don't know. To me it was a concept that was connected to everything in my life: I didn't compartmentalise it. I would be interested to hear more about your feeling of divine love being like a disease - I guess you mean a kind of love that is only theoretical? Or do you mean like a kind of mental masturbation, or what? Or a blanket sentiment to take away the pain of rejection in normal human relationships? Or keeping oneself separate? My own experience of love was that it was also like a form of power to communicate something to another person, silently or through words, art, music. I am using the word love but maybe it was another experience I was having, I don't know. I am open to rewording things : ) When I was a teenager and took LSD I felt what I thought was a universal love, that is a love that seemed to fill everything and bind everything together. I wanted to experience the world in that way always, and that was one of the things that brought me to meditation. But I can't claim that I have universal love for the world or anything like that. And discrimination is also important to me - to know what is healthy and what is not. It's an ability that I want to develop more. So I am trying to keep from the path what is real to me and flush out what isn't real, and that will take a long time.

Guillaume :
Good I love this thing of taking away headaches. Lots of disciples had this kind of power but many of them were giving them up in the Centre, maybe feeling that it was not divine or that powers were belonging to Guru. I did not get much from giving meditation classes in the Centre. The frame in which we could give them was too narrow.
I am not doing a lot of energy healing, but when I do it I am doing it in a very intuitive and unformal way. Just sending to the universe an intention of giving some good energy to the person. Many times I was doing a healing to a person that was really tensed and the person was falling asleep.
But when I do my verbal healing session, I feel extremely connected. Words are coming through my mouth from somewhere beyond the mind. And I feel strongly that I am energetically supporting so person so that we can go to some painful areas when some healing can happen.
About spiritual names, I don't know. I don't believe much in his vision anymore and my name was just about sweetness and expressing it. Very narrow meaning.
I don't say divine love is anything bad. We all had to some extend experiences of divine love and it is very feeding inwardly. I would think it's all a question of balance. Feeling divine love AND connecting and sharing love with others. I can't help noticing that most of the people I meet who are very focused on divine love are people who, from my point of view, in my own universe, have issues about feeling and expressing love towards others.
Now about discrimination, yes, we all have been when we were on the path programming ourself in a certain way of seeing the truth. It takes a long time sorting it out and reprogramming. But I would think that we the help of this wonderful SCC Alumni group and probably if we keep going with our conversations, you will get through this phase quite fast.

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