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Saturday, 28 February 2015

About criticism of indian spirituality.

This is from a conversation on an ex-disciple forum. Quite often, it is a mix of seriousness and jokes.

There was a post about taking Indian spirituality more seriously.
I answered in a joking way. This kind of talk starting with "The Supreme told me", we were getting very regularly from Chinmoy. (I know, I know, hard to believe but we were taking it seriously.)

Me :
I just had a very special meditation. The Supreme came to me, Chinchin (I have many nicknames for Chinmoy)  was at his feet, but he was very small, very fat, and not looking so good. My Supreme told me, "You can make as much fun as you want of indian spirituality, I will NEVER be offended. I am far beyond any form of spirituality. Thinking that I can be offended by any critism of spirituality is pure bigotry. In fact, spirituality is taking itself way too seriously. The world needs people who make fun of it. Even loud ones. How can someone believe that a God-realized master, if ever they exist, could be offended by anything. And don't forget to enjoy everything in life, this is my creation as well".
He even gave me a very special mantra. I have to keep it for myself. The only thing I can say is that there are the words : "Bullshit" and "Indian spirituality".
Love you all.

But then I felt like saying this in a more serious and detailed way :

Ok, let's be boring a for a bit.
What I do not understand is this agenda to "defend" Indian spirituality. I am quite into new spiritualities and healing, because I found a different perspective about my centre experience there. But there are lots of things there I don't agree with and I criticize. And I have no issue if someone says that new spirituality is full of crap. In fact, I believe it is.
I will never rely again to one theory or one way of thinking. I think this is a big spiritual mistake. I think the key to enlightenment, or personal development, or whatever you call it, is an approach through many different perspectives.
Each one of those approaches has a bit of truth in it, and a lot of limiting beliefs. Each one is a potential jail if one only sees things from its only point of view.
But what I really don't like, what I despise in fact, is when that something that is supposed to bring people into more love is playing with fears.
The idea that anything can be so sacred, or even just sacred, that it is bad or dangerous to play with it, make fun of it, make a satire of it, or even insulting it, is extremely shocking to me. It is pure manipulation. It is how man has been kept in ignorance for millennia.
It is all the same. There is no degree for me there. Believing that one would get cancer if he leaves the centre, or that it is a terrible thing to burn a spiritual book or spit on it for example, is the same stupidity. It is not easy, because we all have some of those beliefs inside us. And if one is not aware of an unconscious belief and does something against it, it may hurt. NOT because it is sacred, but because one has the belief it is and this belief is creating the "karma" one can get in return.
So yes, I believe indian spirituality is full of..., well you know what I mean. But I am not interested to know if it is more or less than other spiritualities. All spiritualities are full of very limiting beliefs, I would think mostly, and have a bit truth too. Like every other human activity.
I am very sorry for this serious moment.
Oh, and S., I did not tell the very personal, extremely sacred mantra the Supreme gave me today. I never will. He forbade me. I'll go to hell if I do ;)

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